Welcome To Black With Stars

A New Home For Comics, Mythology and Sci-Fi!

Black With Stars started life as a concept based on a common shorthand used by comics artists.

Whenever the penciller has a large space in which the night sky (or deep space, depending on the story) is needed they would write «BWS» for the inker who would then make the space … you guessed it … black with stars.

After many months of long, long beer-fuelled chats about comics and mythology Fernando and Andrew realised that this would actually be a great name for a website where we could publish artwork, articles and stories about the things we love most: comics and mythology.

After all, sometimes it can feel like we’re living in a pretty bleak (*cough* understatement *cough*) time but if we look close enough we can still find some brilliant ‘stars’ in the depths to entertain and inspire!

So, here is our new home for all things comics, mythology and Sci-Fi related. Get ready for original comics, short stories, myth-based articles and more artwork you can shake a stick at!

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it!


Andrew Scott

Is a writer with experience in both the comics and mythology worlds. He studied Ancient History and Classics before running away, arms flailing, to write stories before he could do something responsible like actually finishing his PhD. Since then, his love of myths from around the world has not abated – quite the opposite – so Black With Stars is the perfect place to stretch his legs and find other myth-obsessed people to learn from and share stories with.

Fernando Dagnino

Fernando Dagnino is a comic book author  born in Madrid in 1973.

At five years old he told his parents he wanted to be a comic book artist but nobody took it seriously. After paying his debt with society , a degree in Philology studies he decided from then on to follow his heart.

In 1997 he got his first contract with Silicon Artists, an American internet design company based in Madrid. From there he was sent to work as a Guest Disney Imagineer in L.A in the design of an attraction for DisneyQuest in Disney World Florida.

After that he went on working as an illustrator for juvenile books, magazines, Video-Games and several Publicity agencies such as McCANN ERICKSON .

In 2007 He wrote and drew he first Graphic novel for young readers “KASANDRA y la Rebelion

In 2008 He signed his first contract with DC comics and for almost six years. He worked as penciller  / inker in such series as: Superman, Supergirl, Batman and the Outsiders, Wonder Woman, Teen Titans, Justice League, Resurrection Man or Suicide Squad.

In 2014 He jumped on to Dark horse comics : Captain Midnight and Tarzan on the planet of the Apes.

In 2016 He decides to take back the reins of his career and embarks in his first creator owned comic . SMART GIRL which has been published in France by Editions Reflexions in France , in Spain by Evolution comics Panini and in UK and US by Titan Comics

After that he focused on making the art for L’AGENT by GLENAT Comics and a series at Valiant comics named «KILLERS»

Currently he is working for Titan comics and Alcon entertainment in the series BLADE RUNNER ORIGINS a comic book prequel to the original Blade runner movie.

And in parallel he is working on comic book covers for NINJAK by VALIANT and NYX by Dynamite Comics

His second personal project  a dark magical thriller named WINTER QUEEN  will be published next year by GLENAT