We have lots planned for BWS this year, as you can see from our move to Substack just a couple of weeks ago, and one such new addition to the BWS repertoire is the new Mythical Comics Reviews series.

In this series, we’re going to be digging up the comics that feature mythical themes, creatures and/or characters and analysing them in the same way we do with Pop Mythology.

Disclaimer: I hate reviews, generally. 

They tend to fall into three categories: spoiler-ridden summaries, 50-word hack jobs with a star rating or vitriol-ridden attacks from people unwilling to try to create something out of fear of reviews from frustrated people like themselves with no sense of irony.

That’s why I never write reviews.

Or, why I never used to, at least. Until, that is, I realised I could write them my way. No spoilers, no vitriol and no star ratings. Just my own interpretations (whether intended by the authors or not) and reasons why I think you might love these books.

Also, If you know of any other comics where myth features heavily then please let us know in the comments or by getting in touch with us on Instagram.

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